Wedding trends

Wedding trends
March 16, 2017 Orchidya
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One of the most popular wedding flowers are anemones. These scentless flowers come in a wide range of jewel-toned colours. The most popular anemones are the ones with white petals and a black centre. Anemones are very modern, but at the same time they will give your dream wedding an absolutely romantic look.

Daring combinations of bright-on-bright create a stunning, eye-catching contrast. Hot jewel tones like magenta, persimmon, peacock blue or royal purple will give you a rich, luxurious look, especially when teamed with bold blooms like orange dahlias, yellow gerbera daisies and purple orchids.

Tree-like topiaries and potted plants are popular because they add a warm garden feel and height to the room. Baby spruce or tree-like topiaries can serve as centerpieces, while larger ones, like birch trees or lemon trees, can decorate your entrance or the edges of the dance floor.

Details are important! Adding a small but lovely floral arrangement to each napkin can create beautiful composition. Guests will definitely appreciate this gesture.

Whether it’s a wildflower style or simply less symmetrical arrangement, this trend lets the wedding look more natural. A contemporary wedding with vases filled with asymmetrical bundles of French tulips or gladiolus. Or a country wedding with a mix of flowers cut to different lengths in a more subdued palette, like a gorgeous combo of light pink ranunculus and spray roses teamed with white hyacinths and lisianthus.

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