The perfect wedding bouquet

The perfect wedding bouquet
March 1, 2017 Orchidya
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Wedding bouquet is one of the most important details of any wedding. To complete the scenery and the bride’s beautiful dress, the perfect bouquet is obligated.

White seasonal flowers with different variations of green foliage is the perfect combination for natural and romantic weddings. Also locally-grown, seasonal flowers that create wild, woodland-inspired bouquets have become very popular. For beautiful autumn or winter wedding pink, oxblood red and blush is complementing combination for the perfect bouquet.

Romantic pastels that create glamorous and harmonious look to the bouquet continue to be a trend, but for more adventurous and bright atmosphere, colourful bouquets is the best choice. The wedding pictures will look absolutely stunning with different colour flowers that add whimsical feeling to the bouquet.

Choosing large and loose bouquets is a way to bring garden to your bouquet. Carefully arranged, overflowing bouquets create the look of just picked wild flowers.

Single colour bouquets are one of most popular trends. Choosing one colour for bouquet creates intensity and attention on the beauty of each particular flower and all their details.



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