Zygopetalum Ladybird Orchid

Zygopetalum Ladybird Orchid

Ladybird orchid

These plants produce multiple blooms that can last for up to 8 weeks, and are often bred to be used as cut flowers.

Colours:   Combinations of white, light green, blue and purple. Some varieties are highly scented

Origin:   The Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia where the plant grows on tree stumps and rocks

Flowering Period:   The plant can bloom several times a year

Location:   Put the plant in a light spot but not in bright sunlight

Temperature:   Grows best in temperatures from 17° to 23°C

Watering:   Dunk the plant in lukewarm water once a week and then let it drain properly

Feeding:   Feed once a month

Encouraging your Zygopetalum orchid to re-flower:

Cut away the entire flower stem after it has finished blooming. The plant will produce new shoots, which can flower once they are fully grown. You should give the plant a rest period of 10 weeks, to stimulate flowering place in a cooler position and reduce watering. Water the plant once every two weeks during this period. Put the plant back in its former location after the rest period.



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