Vuylstekeara Cambria Plush

Cambria orchids flower in variety of colours and shapes. They display magnificent colours and make a stunning impression on the viewer.

Colours:   Available in many colours and flower types

Origin:   Cambria is a crossbreed of several orchid varieties

Flowering period:   Can flower several times in a year

Ideal location:   Put the plant in a light place but away from direct sunlight

Temperature:   Grows at 18° to 22°C

Watering:   50ml rain water or filter water, once a week

Feeding:   Whilst the orchid is flowering feed once a month. After flowering, cut away the entire flower spike to encourage the plant to produce new shoots. When these are fully grown a pseudo-bulb (hard green disc) will develop and once this is hard and full, you should give the plant less water for two months (watering fortnightly rather than weekly during this period). During these months the plant should also be moved to a cooler spot in the home (16°C). This will stimulate new flowers to grow.


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