Miltoni Pansy

The Miltonia Orchid, sometimes called the Pansy Orchid, comes in many colours, but is known most for its memorable shape.

Colours:   Many colours, often with spectacular markings and some fragrant varities

Origin:   Miltonias grow naturally on river banks in Brazil, Colombia and other parts of South America

Flowering period:   Miltonias can flower several times in a year

Location:   A bright well lit spot, but avoid direct sunlight as it will cause scorching

Temperature:   Needs high humidity so mist daily and keep in a warm room

Watering:   50ml rain water or filter water, once a week

Feeding:   Feed once a month

Encouraging your Miltonia orchid to re-flower:

Cut the flower spike away completely after it has finished flowering. This encourages new shoots on which new flowers will form. In the warmest summer months Miltonia will also be happy sat outside on a patio or terrace. It is the fluctuations between day and night temperatures that stimulate flowering. The same effect would be achieved by keeping the plant in a cooler room for 8 to 12 weeks.


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