Japanese Phalaenopsis Extra Large

Japanese Phalaenopsis Extra Large

Japanese Phalaenopsis

The Japanese Phalaenopsis orchid is a beautiful plant with large white blooms.  It is one of the most popular varieties of white orchids today.

Colours:   Mainly white, pink, purple, yellow and combinations of these.

Origin:   The Tropical parts of Asia and Australia, where they grow on tree trunks and in cracks in rocks, often near brooks and rivers.

Flowering:   period The plant flowers several times in a year

Location:   A bright well lit position but avoid direct sunlight, with indirect of air flow everyday.

Temperature:   Grows best in temperatures from 15° to 20°C

Watering:   50ml rain water or filter water twice a month.

Feeding:   Feed During flowering the plant should be fed once a month

Encouraging your Phalaenopsis orchid to re-flower:

After flowering, cut the stalk above the second eye. A new branch develops from the eye, which will eventually flower. If re-flowering isn’t successful, put the plant in a colder room (15o-16oC) for the autumn months, which will promote the formation of buds.