The Cymbidium Orchid symbolizes virtue and morality and, traditionally, the gift of a cymbidium orchid is considered the gift of respect and friendship.

Colours:   White, pink, yellow, green and brown

Origin:   Nepal, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia and the Himalayas where they grow between rocks and tree stumps

Flowering period:   Winter/early spring

Location:   A bright well lit spot away from direct sunlight

Temperature:   Moderate temperatures

Watering:   Dunk the plant in lukewarm water once a week and let it drain

Feeding:   Once a week during flowering

Encouraging your Cymbidium orchid to re-flower:

After flowering cut out the faded flower spikes. To get the plant to bloom again it should be put out in the garden from June until September in a sheltered spot away from direct sunlight. Give the plant very little water especially through July. The plant will produce new flowers as a result of the temperature fluctuations between day and night.