Taking Care Of Fresh Cut Flowers This Winter

Taking Care Of Fresh Cut Flowers This Winter
January 12, 2018 Orchidya
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There’s no better way to brighten your home during those winter months than by decorating with fresh cut flowers. However, temperature fluctuations and dry air are many flowers worst enemies, causing them to droop prematurely. Read our key tips for keeping fresh cut flowers looking wonderful this Winter:

  • Keep Flowers Away from Heat Sources

It’s common for houses to experience temperature fluctuations during the winter, especially if they run on radiator heat. However, when trying to sustain a vase of fresh cut flowers, it’s best to display them in an area with as steady of a temperature as possible. Keep the flowers in a location where they are not exposed to direct heat. Keep them away from sunny windows, TV’s, and fireplaces.  And remember to change the water often, adding new plant food each time.

  • Trim The Stems

Once the flowers are removed from the plant, their lifespan will be finite. The stems slowly die from the bottom up, so it’s important to trim the dead ends off frequently to ensure they’re able to absorb nutrients from the water. Every day or two, remove the bouquet from the vase and trim about a half inch from the bottom, on an angle, with a sharp knife.

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  • Change The Flower’s Water

A good rule of thumb when it comes to maintaining fresh cut flowers is not to let them sit in water that you wouldn’t drink yourself. When your vase’s water becomes cloudy or discolored, there’s enough bacteria in there to speed up the aging process for your flowers. By changing the water in the vase every few days, even if the water hasn’t been used up, will help keep your flowers fresh longer (and avoid that horrid smell that develops if you let them sit a long time). For large formal arrangements, carefully tip the vase over a sink to let the water drain without disturbing the design. Then re-fill the vase by gently pouring water in at the top of the flowers.

  • Finally use “flower food” for most flowers.

While changing the water every other day or so is often just as effective for making flowers last longer, adding those flower food packets that come with packaged flowers are beneficial as well. In addition to “feeding” the bouquet, these food packets contain a bactericide that keeps the water fresh for a day or two longer. It is worth noting that there are a few flowers that actually do NOT like flower food in the vase. For example, zinnias, sunflowers and gladiolus.

Now you should be able to keep your flowers fresh for longer and enjoying their beauty all throughout these Winter months.

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