Fern – the most adaptable and easy-to-grow houseplant

Fern – the most adaptable and easy-to-grow houseplant
December 7, 2017 Orchidya
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People love ferns, they love them in their yards and they love them in pots in their house. There are all kinds of folklores that apply to the fern plant, one of the Slavic tales speaks of a fern that bloomed once a year. When people looked at it the fern provided them with happiness and riches therefore a fern can be a great gift showing people that you really care about them.

Ferns can be used in many ways. From a bouquet perspective, they are probably best used in arrangements where they work as filler for the flowers, also they are a great option for providing some greenery in a cheap and easy way. Ferns can be used as a more unique alternative rather than some other fillers out there.

Ferns have been a filer in wedding bouquets since the early 1900’s and were especially popular in the 1930’s.  However, it’s only been recently that they have been making a comeback in wedding bouquets and other decor. By combining the many different varieties of ferns available you can have a stunning textural bouquet and when mixed with white flowers it creates an elegant and old-fashioned look.  They make a lovely accent to your centerpieces but can also be striking standing on their own.


Since ferns usually reproduce via spores, the common varieties don’t really have flowers. But on other species like the Asparagus fern, they have flowers that are funnel or tube shaped which bloom in June. We stock a wide selection of vibrant green ferns here at Orchidya like Blue Star fern or Jungle Green. Take a look…

Caring for house-ferns can differ depending on their type. Main thing you should remember is that ferns don’t like direct sunlight so make sure to place your plant near a rather north-facing window; east and west windows let in too much direct sunlight. Also try to water it regularly. High moisture levels in the air are perfect for humidity-loving ferns so double-pot your fern, place your fern on a tray full of water, or add a humidifier to your room. Be sure to fertilize them once a month and when the plant gets too large divide the fern into several smaller ones, replant each of these and water well. Now you’re ready to take care of ferns, go ahead and choose yours!

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