Dahlias – the most colourful Autumn blooms

Dahlias – the most colourful Autumn blooms
November 23, 2017 Orchidya
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When autumn arrives, dahlias become the ultimate statement in any flower bouquet. They bloom in almost 19 different forms – shaped like peonies, water lilies, daisies, orchids etc. and in almost every possible colour you can imagine (except for blue).

It is said that the word “dahlia” came from Carl Linnaeus himself – he named the flower after a student with the last name of Dahl, unfortunately Linnaeus died before the flower was named.  In Victorian times dahlias were used in bouquets to represent a lasting bond and commitment between two people, and since they are one of the longest- lasting cut flowers that meaning is intensified, also, since 1963 it is the National flower of Mexico. At “Orchidya” we arranged the stunning dahlias in our autumnal bouquet “Firework Delight”. Learn more…

I must have flowers, always, and always.

– Claude Monet-

The best time to cut dahlias is in the cool of the morning. Snip horizontally with a pruners or scissors, taking stems long enough for your bouquet. Choose flowers that are open or nearly open because the buds will not open once they’re cut. When making a flower arrangement remember that dahlias can’t be cut completely – the more you cut them, the more flowers they will produce.

Dahlias need to be put in a very hot water and after picking them, let the stems stay in the water for one hour. Once arranged in a vase remember to change the water every two or three days.  Other than that – enjoy the spectacular arrangement!

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