The Calla lilies – a source of divine inspiration

The Calla lilies – a source of divine inspiration
November 16, 2017 Orchidya
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Calla lilies (Zantedeschia albomaculata) are one of the world’s most known flowers perhaps because they’re so different and impossible to get mistaken for. Their trumpet shaped blooms – clean and simple – represent sensitivity, yet the laconic flower gives away an aristocratic vibe.

Referenced in the famous movie “Stage door” (1937) by Katharine Hepburn and a constant source of inspiration for Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings the calla lilies are associated with classical beauty and elegance, in fact, the word “Calla” comes from the Greek term for “beautiful”. Calla lilies bloom in late spring and in wide array of colours – white, yellow, purple, pink. We used white calla lilies in our gorgeous Royalty bouquet. Learn more…

Calla lilies are especially known for their wide use in wedding bouquets – they are almost as popular as white roses. While they are ideal for beds and borders, keep in mind that the flower needs to be taken out of flower bed with the peduncle, only then can you successfully arrange them in a vase.

The calla lilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower – suitable to any occasion.

– Katharine Hepburn-



It’s extremely hard to arrange calla lilies in a small vase therefore choose a vase that’s larger in size. If you cut calla lilies yourself, sprinkle them with water the night before. This will ensure that the flowers stay hydrated and will last longer once put in a vase.

Cut the stems off with a sharp knife, water them every day, keep them away from direct sunlight and let these extraordinary flowers become your source of inspiration and a delight to your eyes.


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